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Lori Feldpausch

        Living in the northern tip of lake Huron on the Canadian border as a child, Lori Feldpausch’s summers were filled with nature and the quietness that the big body of water creates. After having been downstate for 35 years she still spends as much time in the summer right next door to where she grew up. Feldpausch worked with a New York artist for 14 years creating murals for large hotels such as The Plaza in New York, Palm Beach Breakers hotel, Greenbrier and many others. She decided it was time to paint for her and so she started taking classes first with Sharon Griffs Tarr, then Scott Christensen and continued to study with Diane Rath out of Chicago.

        Feldpausch is a big believer in self-study.  Having examined a long lineage of artists, she feels a sense of history when she paints, a connectiveness to the source of information, be it the color of green Edgar Payne used on his water or the light that streams across a Sorrola painting. She is also a member of the Great Lakes Plein Air Painters Association and the Plein Air Artists of West Michigan.


“I let my painting just happen, for it has more of a feeling from the heart than just a concept or design.  I paint an unwritten word and capture a feeling instead.”

                                                           - Lori Feldpausch

Oil- "Full Bloom"
Oil- "Last Night"- SOLD
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