Carlye Crisler

These are plein air oil paintings Crisler painted on site, this allows her to paint an environment or neighborhood rather than a single place. Her focus is on location, activities, people and lighting at different times of the day. Crisler paints in a naturalistic style to a certain degree with a twist of representational abstraction. She is drawn to complicated places with lots of textures and divisions of space. Her paintings often depict everyday scenes including cars, equipment, electrical poles and lines, empty trees against the sky, shapes of buildings broken by shadows, and parts hidden by other things barely determined. She enjoys seeking out confusion when selecting a site because it usually makes for a more compelling composition. 


“It isn’t always important to know what I’am looking at but to paint what I see even if I don’t know what it is.” 

                                                           - Carlye Crisler 

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