Kurt Anderson


Kurt Anderson has had the urge to create since he was a boy, he has had numerous creative outlets including designing and building gardens and structures and also writing and performing music. In 1996, Anderson set sail on a self-guided journey to learn painting as his next creative outlet. He studied as much as he could–from workshops, videos, reading, and through interactions with other artists. Anderson is a plein air painter, capturing true color, value, and the emotional responses his environment elicits.

Andersons subject matter focuses on the banal, everyday scenes that we often don’t pay attention to. He is more invested in the process of creating than the finished product which allows him to depict the emotions of the surrounding environment.


“The subjects that end up on my canvases are only those that evoke an emotional response as I visualize them for the first time. If I am not moved by the subject, my viewer will not be either.”

                                                            - Kurt Anderson

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