Lisa Farris

          Lisa Farris works in various scale ceramic figures, pinch pots, garden totems and more, she draws her inspiration for her playful designs from her collection of eight sons, nieces, nephews, an cousins all under the age of eight. In-between the commotion of children playing, Farris will often find the pack of rowdy kids taking a break to create some drawings. This is where she gets her creative insight, Farris is drawn to their childlike outlook of the world and how they communicate that through their drawings. Farris aims to celebrate the bright colors, the awkward relationships between shapes and scale, and the innate playfulness that is so prevalent in children.


“What I see is a pure, child’s view of what it means to be alive in the world, captured with an uninhibited sweep of crayon.”

                                                               – Lisa Farris

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